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Jan Jozef Lambert van Hoof (Nijmegen, 7 August 1922 – Nijmegen, 19 September 1944) was a member of the Dutch resistance in World War II, where he cooperated with Allied Forces during Operation Market Garden, and was executed in action.

Before and during the war, Van Hoof was a Rover Scout, and the Scouting medal the Nationale Padvindersraad was named in his honour.

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With the coming of the Allies during Operation Market Garden in September 1944 he used his expertise by guiding the Allies through the city of Nijmegen.

It was said that he disarmed the explosives that were attached to the Waal Bridge during the fighting, though no-one saw him do it.

On 19 September, van Hoof was riding on the top of a Guards Armoured Division British Humber Scout Car, guiding the vehicle from the allied column located at the central post office to the American soldiers and Guards Armoured Division tanks attacking the railway bridge, when Germans opened fire with a 2-cm gun on the vehicle, which caught fire.

The Germans however saw this as a provocation and did not recognize them as combatants but rather as traitors.But during World War II Scouting was forbidden in most occupied countries.All the Scouting organization were to be integrated into the Nationale Jeugdstorm (NJS), the Dutch version of the Hitler Youth.The AS series of vans continued in production until 1939.Bedford introduced the 3 ton WT series in November 1933.

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